Control Shipping Level

Checking conformity of materials and products before shipment

The Control Shipping Level (CLS) is an inspection process, carried out by a third party company, on the premises of automotive suppliers, aimed at checking and preventing materials and products that do not conform from being shipped. Shipment of the product only occurs once a CLS done by the RINA team has been passed.

The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

In detail, a level 2 CLS checks that products conform in terms of specific, pre-defined checking cycles, whereas a level 3 CLS combines the level 2 activities with suitable corrective actions, in order to remove the non-conformity factors at the root.


Control Shipping Level 2
A CLS 2 includes a series of checks, carried out on 100% of the supply over a pre-defined period, aimed at checking the quality of the product put out, and preventing it reaching the assembly line with anomalies that have already been picked up, are serious, or are repeated.

Control Shipping Level 3
CLS 3 activities become necessary when the supplier, faced with anomalies picked up during a CLS 2, shows that they do not have the technical and organisational skills to resolve the anomalies. In addition to the checks included in a CLS 2, the third party company checks application of suitable corrective and improvement actions.

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