ISO 37001 certification training in Indonesia, March 2019 -

Jakarta (Indonesia)

RINA office

ISO 37001 certification training

25 - 26 Mar 2019

A two-days course to provide with an in-depth interpretation, application and verification of anti-bribery standard requirements to manage third party audits

The course is addressed to everyone who wants to acquire specific theoretical and practical knowledge for anti-bribery MS third party audits, in accordance with ISO 37001:2016. In particular to:

  • professionals who wants to operate as a third party auditor on behalf of a certification company
  • consultants who want to acquire or improve necessary skills to perform anti-bribery audits
  • managerial and operational staff working at private/public organizations.

Course objectives

  • understand the process whereby the certification company evaluates the organization’s anti-bribery MS
  • interact with third party auditors in a constructively way
  • add value to the internal audit process, whose results are necessary for the Management Review and to determine new improvement objectives.

Course programme

Day One - The Anti-bribery Compliance Programs (introductory part)

  • corporate governance and internal controls
  • anti-bribery compliance origin and evolution: standards, guidelines and best practice for national and international law.

Day Two - ISO 37001:2016 standard requirements and the Anti-bribery Management Systems (application part)

  • ISO 37001:2016 standard; Verification of each standard requirement
  • interpretation and application of each standard requirement for third party Audit management
  • exercises and audits management simulations
  • final learning evaluation test
  • course conclusion.

As the first accredited company to provide with ISO 37001:2016 certification, we're willing to transfer our skills after having certified more than 300 customers worldwide.

Karolus Karni Lando