Gender Equality Assessment RINA-Unitelma Sapienza

Assessment of the level of implementation of gender equality principles within the company system

The Gender Equality Assessment RINA-Unitelma Sapienza is a protocol born from RINA’s experience in third party assessment and from Unitelma Sapienza's in-depth research activity on the subject; it is a detailed snapshot of what the company has developed and communicated about its gender equality policies; it is consistent with the main themes of the subject, which will probably be among those included in the Certificazione Nazionale della Parità di Genere, the National Gender Equality Certification (PNRR Mission #5).

The protocol applies to companies of all types and sizes, as well as to public and private enterprises. It provides a report with measures for improvement and graphs showing the company's standing on the various issues addressed.

The commitment of senior executives, the awareness of intermediate management and the sensitisation of all staff are the strong points that will lead to the consolidation of these issues within the corporate culture, achieving the capacity to value diversity in the work environment (with regards to gender, race, disability, culture, etc.) and promote inclusion.

Gaining this certification will allow companies to communicate their commitment towards inclusion to their stakeholders.

Process for the issue of the “Gender Equality Assessment RINA-Unitelma Sapienza” certification

A follow-up audit from RINA can be requested after 6 or 12 months to assess the implementation of the improvement measures identified during the assessment phase. The organisation may also apply for further assessments on the basis of the evolution of its system. 

Why choose RINA?

RINA is accredited by ACCREDIA, ANAB and INMETRO to issue certificates of conformity on major Management Systems, for various product categories and related certification schemes and is a partner of Unitelma Sapienza on gender equality issues.

RINA is a global leader in the certification sector, thanks to the excellence and experience of its professionals. It has nationally and internationally recognised expertise in a wide range of regulations, and always operates with transparency and professionalism.

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