RINA Academy

Nowadays, human resources know-how and skills are a strategic target, and companies focus on this area to improve their performance and to make the team aware of their own value and expertise. Organizations that invest time and resources in training have an immediate competitive edge: a highly qualified staff works indeed more efficiently and effectively.

Over time, RINA Academy has developed skills in planning and providing training courses, which intersect a range of markets and focus on a team context.

The courses of our companies accompany organizations on a mutual path of strategic innovation and growth: direct learning methods are used to transfer know-how, develop skills and orient conduct.

Benefiting from its traditional collaboration with parent Company, RINA Academy offers tailored training courses in the respective skills sets, including: theoretical concepts, regulatory issues, best practice and cost-effective solutions.

RINA Academy provides bespoke courses on marine areas and on management systems, but it mainly offers training in conduct, managerial development and in the culture of change.