Training for maritime crew

Training to improve human resource competency

The maritime industry needs to ensure that shipping remains the safest mean of transportation: it can be reached only if all elements of the chain are committed to improve, and maintain, at the highest level possible, the safety, security and environmental protections of the ships and the whole organization.
Human elements play an important role in the Company’s organization and its ability to reach its business goals in compliance with maritime industry requirements. The way to improve business results and safety is to improve human resources competency.

RINA Academy Maritime Crew assists Clients in managing all activities related to human resource competency improvement, such as:

Competency can be improved only with a systematic and continuous training activity based on Company and maritime industry requirements, and the learning capability of each organization’s individual both on board and ashore.
A well-defined and structured - and eventually certified - System of Competence Management, designed on Company’s business goals, is our suggested solution.


RINA Academy, together with Clients, feel the responsibility to create and maintain a learning organization committed to continuously improve the competence of all human elements involved in the Clients’ business activities.

Maritime Crew Training

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