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Power system analysis software to simulate electrical networks and to judge their correct, safe and timely operation

Maximising network stability and ensuring continuity of energy supply is vital to critical infrastructure – and therefore core to your business. With budgetary pressures increasingly weighing over many parts of the power sector, you need to be absolutely sure that your plant is operating cost-effectively.

Developed by RINA software engineers, ERACS is a suite of innovative power system analysis software that enables users to simulate electrical power system networks quickly and easily, to judge their correct, safe and timely operation.


ERACS is a power system analysis software suite developed and supported by our team: for more information or to arrange a demonstration visit

The suite includes:

Drawing tools
Draw and maintain a single line diagram, providing seamless integration of database and calculations. Results are presented on the single-line diagram.

Stores your system’s single-line diagrams and electrical parameters.


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