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Training on behaviour, managerial development and the culture of change

RINA Academy develops and provides training on behaviour, managerial development and the culture of change. 

The proposal is addressed both to teams – in order to deliver shared values, practice, skills and behaviour – and to focus and train professional competencies of those who find themselves, or will find themselves, managing situations and people. Managerial development courses are tailored to suit the needs and goals of the organisation and may be set up: by project, by process, by function, by area, by level, bottom-up or top-down, peer-to-peer and so on. 

A second branch of RINA Academy – Business School's proposal consists of integrated curricula for different professional categories: from post-diploma and post-graduate specialisation, to qualification training, to re-qualification, to dedicated programmes for specific business areas. Here are some examples:

Finally, RINA Academy provides coaching sessions to improve performance and develop potential of individuals in companies. Coaching can fulfil different needs: it can be of support in implementing a project, during company re-organisation or diversification of services and markets, within a career plan to prepare oneself for a new role or else as training and reinforcement of specific abilities. 

Courses, held by coaches with ICF accreditation and experts in coaching techniques, are set up as follows:

Business School Training Training

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