Procurement skills certification

Professionals in the purchasing and supply management sector


The service, developed with the Italian Association of Procurement Professionals, is a third-party tool to provide the market with the competent purchasing and supplies management specialist, for public or private organisations.
In particular, it offers the specialists an opportunity to demonstrate and confirm his/her own capacity in terms of knowledge, skills and competences accumulated.
Organisations that conduct their procurement activities with the help of certified staff:

The Setting

RINA has developed this service in collaboration with the Italian Association of Procurement Professionals (IAPP), a benchmark for industry professionals.
The profiles for which certification may be required are:

Certification Procedure

When applying for admission, the applicant submits a series of information regarding the parameters of investigation foreseen for the role required.
The certificate is issued only after successful completion of a written examination and an oral examination, where the skills are verified in accordance with the requirements of the technical regulations. The certification is valid for three years.


RINA has numerous years of experience in the field of personnel certification. Today, we are enabled by ACCREDIA to certify an extensive number of professional figures under the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard. RINA enjoys an extensive network throughout Italy, with structures dedicated to test examinations and qualified commissioners for evaluation the professional experience of candidates.


Can you certify the persons that are not currently occupied?
The technical discipline envisages also a multi-skilled figure who may be a first-time job seeker or who has been out of a procurement function for more than three years.


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