HR certification

A scheme developed by RINA and AIDP


This certification of HR specialists’ skills is a third-party instrument developed by RINA and AIDP (Italian Association for Personnel Management), aimed at providing some guarantee of certified professional skills in a vast area otherwise unregulated by any professional orders or associations.
The profiles for which certification may be required are:

Benefits for the professionals

This certification, issued by an independent third party, enables industry professionals to prove their knowledge, skills and competences. There is also a category of independent professionals who can use this certification as an additional business boost, to demonstrate to their clients and peers their distinctive competitiveness.

Benefits for organisations

Public and private organisations use staff certification to promote the recognition of the work done by their employees, while at the same time benefiting from an independent control tool for any new additions to their staff.

Certification Procedure

In addition to documentary verification, for which the candidate is required to submit a set of information regarding the role required, the certificate is issued only following a successful completion of a written examination consisting of two written tests and one oral exam.


RINA has numerous years of experience in the field of personnel certification. Today, we are enabled by ACCREDIA to certify an extensive number of professional figures under the UNI CEI EN ISO/IEC 17024 standard. RINA enjoys an extensive network throughout Italy, with structures dedicated to test examinations and qualified commissioners for evaluation the professional experience of candidates.


Who can apply for certification?
This certification is applicable to all professionals in the Human Resources sector operating in the private or public sphere.

What are the requirements to be certified for a specific professional profile?
As defined by the certification area (labour law specialist, strategy development, or both), the specific requirements affecting each profile are a study degree, generic HR experience, and experience in the relevant certification area.

What is the duration of this certification?
The certification is valid for three years and is renewable following a verification that the professional requirements are duly maintained.


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