Labelling conformity

Conformity of food products destined for the foreign market

The current laws on labelling require companies to carefully analyse the labelling of their food and non-food products. Technical Assistance and Labelling Conformity Assessment is therefore a means of guaranteeing the correct communication of the product to Italian companies that, in addition to the domestic market, also trade internationally.

Legal Framework

In the European Union, the current laws on labelling are:

Audit Procedure

The assessment shall have different time frames depending on the type of label to be assessed and the country of destination.


Thanks to the experience gained in the conformity assessment of labels for the Italian market, on behalf of production companies and GDO, we offer a comprehensive A-to-Z service to support companies in the export of their products.
The countries for which we provide the service are: Australia, Bosnia, Canada, China, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Montenegro, Norway, Serbia, EU countries, South Africa, Switzerland, Tunisia, USA.
With regard to the US and Canada market, technical intervention may, in the case of interest, only be limited to the preparation of the nutrition table according to Food and Drug Administration requirements.

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