Notice on cyber attack -

Notice on cyber attack


4 February 2021

All RINA's activities continue as usual.
We continue to strive to protect our systems more and more, in order to keep working for and with our customers in maximum safety.

14 December 2020

All systems have been restored and the last operations of analysis and data recovery are in progress. Activities and services at clients’ sites and/or for clients, as always, continue regularly.
Any temporary slowdowns or difficulties in accessing systems may occur due to ongoing recovery activities.

1 December 2020

Systems recovery is proceeding successfully based on priority and criticality of projects and following integrity and security checks.
The event did not prevent activities and services at clients’ sites and/or for clients, which continue regularly.
Any slowdowns or difficulties in accessing the systems are due to the restoration of full operation which is nearing completion.

18 November 2020

Over half of the applications - deactivated to preserve their integrity - have been put back into operation and are now safely available to RINA personnel, customers and partners.
The analysis and safety of the terminals owned by the company also continues.
The data analysis is ongoing and will take a few days to get to a sufficient level.

16 November 2020

RINA informs that it has recently been hit by a cyber-attack which has been blocked.
Presently, customers’ data does not appear to have been exposed to the risk of disclosure. If access to such data is ascertained, those concerned will be promptly informed.
RINA's IT department managed to repel subsequent attacks and immediately took the necessary countermeasures to contain their effects. For this reason, the restoration of the full operation of the systems is taking place, with the support of a team of cybersecurity experts, gradually and based on the utmost prudence and security.

The company immediately made the communications required by law.

Further developments will be promptly announced on this page.