Safety in Place

An assessment service for the application of protocols for the prevention and control of COVID-19 infections

Given the recent health emergency, it is important that every organisation puts strategies in place to protect the health and safety of people, adopting measures to minimise the risk of contagion and guarantee the salubrity of its environments.

During this pandemic, based on the most recent World Health Organisation, national authority, sector specialist and trade association regulations, RINA has devised protocols for various sectors, able to support companies in the process of restarting and/or continuing their activities in complete safety.

Our approach

Regardless of industry, any organisation wishing to receive a Safety in Place inspection must first contact RINA to request a technical-economic offer. Once a contract has been signed, the evaluation process involves the following planning:

The benefits of Safety in Place


RINA is at the forefront of supporting organisations of all sectors and sizes both the restart and the so-called "new normal" phases. Our suite of RINAction services includes the Biosafety Trust Certification: the first certification scheme for management systems aimed at the prevention and mitigation of the spread of infections from biological agents.

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