RINA MAXIMA services

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Noise & Vibration services for mega yachts

Developing a noise and vibration analysis helps to:

Our service is aimed to improve comfort onboard mega yachts but also to reduce noise pollution. 

Take advantage of RINA additional class notations: Comfort Class Large Yacht and Dolphin Class


SERTICA Yacht is a cloud-based yacht maintenance software designed to improve reliability and safety for the global yacht industry.

It is designed for marine engineers, captains, management companies, and owner-operators who seek to plan and manage everyday work efficiently.

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Cyber-security services for mega yachts

Do you know that IACS UR-26 and UR-27 will be mandatory for classed superyachts from 1st January 2024? 

Besides legal requirements for classed mega yachts, technology is one of the key components of luxury superyachts and can lead to a multitude of internal and external cyber-security threats.

Our cyber-security team is able to validate tailored mitigation methods and measures, face cyber-security threats, protecting individuals from cyber exploits and attacks, as well offer the correct posture of security advice and services to protect OT and IT assets, paying the applicable regulatory framework.

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