About RINA Maxima

Discover our new package of services for custom mega yachts

A specialized team with a top qualification scheme

We have set up a dedicated and qualified network of experts in the world of custom super yachts, with the reinforcement of our Plan Approval centers in Italy, Turkey and Northern Europe and Asia.

Dedicated training program with the major Flag Administrations will allow to streamline the new building process whichever code is applicable: REG A / REG B, Marshall Islands or Malta Yacht codes.

Digital tools

Digital transformation is a pillar of our strategic plan and it will be one of the challenges to keep the mega yacht sector in step with the times and more efficient.

Our digital fleet management proposal is based on:

Core services

Superyachts are extremely valuable assets and need top-notch services to protect them enhancing safety, security and at the same time comfort on board:

Decarbonization and sustainability

Shared platform ship model approval

The new approach to plan approval process that allows a more efficient collaboration between the designer and the RINA technician. It is based on the RINA software platform, which gives the possibility to upload and work simultaneously on the 3D model or 2D plans of the yacht, record notes and remarks together with the full history of modifications made and comments exchanged.