Space engineering

Ground segment assistance, technology transfer, earth observation and remote sensing systems

We contribute to space development by providing technical solutions that cover aspects of space infrastructure ranging from critical systems engineering to data management.


The activity is carried out in accordance with the RINA governance model, which safeguards impartiality and prevents conflict of interest situations.

Space Radar Payload Design and Simulation
We carry out design and numerical modelling tasks for space (scatterometer, sounder, SAR/MTI, Doppler/Altimeter) and aerial (GMTI, SAR/ISAR) payloads with diverse applications including ice observation.

Earth Observation and Remote Sensing System Engineering
We promote and develop Earth Observation (EO) based solutions to provide new surveillance services based on EO data integration into terrestrial systems.

Satellite Communication Security Engineering
We provide technical services in the field of secure satellite communications for dual (military and civil) applications.

Digital Cartography Management Systems
We develop a wide range of HW/SW solutions for digital cartography management systems, including tools for distributed systems optimization, tactical resources planning and monitoring.

Ground Segment Engineering
We provide technical assistance to space agencies and operators in the building of ground segment assets, from requirements specification to design, development and acceptance of ground segment components.

Space Technology Transfer
We provide strategic support to industry and public organisations aimed at valorisation, exploitation and diversification of space assets.