Our expertise in standards, management systems, and risk analysis uniquely supports you


RINA’s expertise originated over a quarter of a century ago in the defense sector, evolving from the pioneering design of secure networks to the implementation of AI-based agents for autonomous protection. 

This proficiency has rapidly expanded into the space sector, focusing especially on ensuring the security of satellite communications.

Over the past decade, RINA has experienced organic growth as well as strategic acquisitions, thereby solidifying its domain expertise in specific markets. This includes our long-standing history
in the maritime sector, dating back to 1861, as well as a pronounced excellence in the manufacturing industry with specializations in steel production and energy.

Our recent acquisitions in the cyber domain have enabled RINA to develop a comprehensive suite of offerings distinguished by unique features such as the creation of sustainable supply chains and quantifiable cyber risk assessments.

These offerings are invaluable for insurance providers and their clientele, offering precise risk measurements. All consulting activities within RINA related to cybersecurity are now consolidated under the RINA CYBER brand.

Our gap analysis and consulting services concerning cyber regulations applicable to maritime, civilian, and military sectors continue to serve as a robust pillar in RINA’s cyber value proposition.

RINA Cyber team