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Trim optimisation

A module of software tool InfoSHIP EGO, capable to monitor the ship's actual trim and to give the information of the extra power needed in its actual condition

One of the operational measures for the improvement of ship efficiency is the optimisation of trim in function of speed and displacement.

The Trim Optimisation (TO) is one of the modules of software tool InfoSHIP EGO. TO is capable to monitor the ship’s actual trim and to give the information of the extra power needed in the actual ship’s condition, in respect to the ship’s optimum trim condition which is identified by means of real tests or calculations.

Service details

The TO software module is capable of providing operational instructions to correctly set the trim, e.g. before the voyage starts, showing in real time the deviation between the current propulsive power and the one that can be achieved with the optimised trim.


The set-up of the system is carried out by means of ad hoc propulsion performances monitoring campaign, carried out during the normal deployment of the ship (most reliable solution) or by calculations in combination with information from model tests, where available. Data analysis allows determining the optimal combination of trim at sea in relation to different operating speeds and displacements agreed with the customer.


By means of this software evidence is given to the possible improvements in the ships fuel efficiency and consequent cost reduction, based on the operational measure of optimising the trim.

In addition, RINA is in the position to support the owner technical offices in the analysis of the data collected by the TO software and to give inputs for further improvement in the ship operation.


Which ship type the solution is designed for?
The solution is applicable in principle to all ships, and it is of great value for Ro-ro passenger and cargo ships, Container ships and Cruise ships.

What equipment is required?
Inclinometers and industrial PC where data collector software is installed.

Alessandro Pescetto Sector Manager Marine Innovation

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