Ivan Tesfai

Ivan Tesfai
Project Manager, RINA

Space Technologies

A strategic asset for the society and the economy of Europe

With its competencies, RINA is able to bring the benefits of space to address societal challenges such as security and resilience by developing applications of space data and technologies for a wide range of services and infrastructures.

In particular, the work of RINA spans from the development of GNSS - enabled applications in order to improve the accuracy and reliability of operations in critical environment to the development of threats detection solutions against signal interference and attacks in highly automated or unmanned systems.

Case study


A project for the detection of anomalous behavior of GNSS position, check-proofing fake or unreliable signals, therefore enabling risk reduction to enhance crisis operations

Case study


The project aims to develop an accurate localization and navigation system based on the tight integration of EGNSS and on-board sensors to automate Straddle Carrier operations

Industrial Materials

Smart Factory, Industrial technologies and materials

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Blue Economy

Maritime and Blue Economy

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Security, Infrastructure Protection and Climate Change Adaptation