Smart Track

With Smart Track you can speed up and simplify the checking process for workers’ presence during potential warning events

Smart Track is a startup and SpinOff of University of Genoa that developed an IoT system for workers' safety and security, allowing to automate the checking of workers' presence during potential warning events, making it easier and faster. As a matter of fact, today workers' safety is a topical aspect and it is important to provide solutions that can automate the emergency management, making it quicker and more efficient.

Why it is so important

Injuries at work cause a significant destabilization of the working environment: according to several studies, they can determine 128 potential negative consequences, 55% of which is usually paid by the company. Some of the costs are direct, i.e. they are immediately visible and measurable: they include health and insurance costs, legal costs, costs for the caused damage etc. Some of them are indirect and they can vary according to the company, type of business and circumstances of the accident. These include image damage, workforce extraordinary costs, e.g. due to staff turnover.

Smart track

How it works

Smart Track is based on wearable devices called WeTAG, which are installed on each worker's Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and can interact with a network of sensors distributed throughout the site. It allows to understand the worker's position and locate him/her on a 3D map.


Smart Track:

Smart track functions