SAFETY4RAILS kicks off today and RINA is part of Project Consortium -

Detection, prevention, mitigation and response of cyber-threats in trans-modal metro and railway networks

01 Oct 2020

SAFETY4RAILS kicks off today and RINA is part of Project Consortium

From SecureGas to INFRASTRESS, being at the forefront of Research & Innovation activities in the field of security and resilience of critical infrastructures has always been one of our priorities to ensure continuous update and improvement of the newly launched RINA service on Resilience Engineering and support our clients understand, respond and mitigate to the impacts of cyber-physical threats on their assets and infrastructures, and ensure business and service continuity before, during and after a disruptive event.   

Therefore, we are glad to announce that we are involved in the new Research & Innovation project, the SAFETY4RAILS project, which kicks off today and will run until 30 September 2022, representing a further milestone in our commitment for the development of innovative and added-value services in the area of security and resilience of trans-modal metro and railway networks. 

In fact, railways and metros are becoming crucial means of transportation given the need to address climate change and their operators as well as related intermodal transport operators are attractive targets for cyber and/or physical attacks.

For this reason, in the framework of SAFETY4RAILS we contribute to the development of several tools for the security and resilience of the railway assets and infrastructure, as well as to the study, analysis and development of specific indicators that will help the operators and end-users to understand how the new solutions provided affect the security of these assets. 

We are also going to provide specific services related to certification and standardization of SAFETY4RAILS innovations, ranging from the definition of requirements to the development of new pre-standardization schemes and opportunities. 

Under the coordination of the well-known Research Institute FRAUNHOFER EMI , SAFETY4RAILS boasts a Consortium made up of 30 partners from 14 European countries, including railway managers and operators such as Rete Ferroviaria Italiana,  relevant security service providers including Leonardo Company, and other end-users such as the Municipality of Milan

Would you like to learn more? Stay tuned!

SAFETY4RAILS has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement n° 883532. 

Clemente Fuggini

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