Ship surveys in the digital era: remote visual inspection -

Ship surveys in the digital era: remote visual inspection

02 Apr 2020

A webinar to explore ship survey challenges and the solutions provided by remote visual inspections

remote-inspection-survey-rinaThe recent outbreak of the coronavirus across the globe has posed a serious challenge to all industries, including the marine sector. The main obstacle is represented by the access restrictions to areas affected by COVID-19.

In such a complex situation, remote visual inspections can make an important contribution in addressing this health emergency. They give us the possibility of continuing to carry out surveys required for ships, thereby reducing risks for both clients and the inspectors.

As a pioneer in this field, RINA has already carried out approximately 300 remote surveys employing a dedicated advanced technology that can assure the same level of reliability as traditional methods.

We hosted a webinar aimed at providing the shipping community with more information on the benefits and uses of digital technologies to carry out inspection activities remotely. Did you miss the webinar? Contact us from the form below and discover how this innovation can help marine professionals.

- The classification and statutory regulatory framework

- Digital technologies for the marine industry

- Type of inspections to be performed in remote

The webinar is aimed to those who work in shipping companies (Ship’s General Managers, Ship’s Technical Managers, Ship’s Fleet Managers, etc.) and want to know how innovative tools can be helpful for ship inspections.

Mr. Dario Bruni – Head of Fleet Performance & Port State Control

Mr. Enrico Ursomando – Head of Genoa, La Spezia, Savona and Marseille Marine Offices

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