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Milan (Italy)

Fieramilano Rho, MI

Made In Steel 2019

14 - 16 May 2019

We work alongside companies looking to embrace future manufacturing technologies, also actively seeking growth opportunities in the AM by combining digital expertise with materials sciences. We're looking forward to meeting you at stand 7, hall 24.

Steel is the world's most important engineering material. It is used in every aspect of our lives: in cars and construction products, refrigerators and washing machines, cargo ships and surgical scalpels. It can be recycled over and over again without loss of property. Global crude steel production reached 1.808+ million tonnes in 2018, up by 4,6 % compared to 2017.

Made in Steel 2019: exhibition and conferences

Made in Steel is southern Europe’s premier tradeshow for the steel sector. Held every two years, it gathers key steel players to take stock of where the industry is going.

The theme of this 8th edition is STEEL HUMAN, based on the idea of people as a central player in the steel industry. Such macro topic will be split into 2 main areas of analysis. On one hand, technological innovation, additive manufacturing and the human-machine interaction. On the other hand, sustainability, reduction of consumption, recycling and circular economy.

Meet RINA at Made in Steel

As a key player in industrial innovation and in the R&D of materials, metal and steel alloys, we work alongside companies looking to embrace future technologies, also actively seeking growth opportunities in the additive manufacturing by combining digital expertise with materials sciences.

We’re looking forward to meeting you at stand 7, hall 24 to illustrate all the services we provide for the steel and metal industry. If you would like to set up a meeting, please contact us via the form below.

Find out more about the topics discussed by RINA

Hydrogen value chain represents a central pillar in the energy mix transformation to limit pollution and global warming, as required by sustainability international policies. Consequently, the nascent hydrogen economy can offer viable and attractive answers to the low-carbon energy transition challenges. Hydrogen energy vector is versatile in its production, storage, distribution and applications, thus involving different sectors alongside the steel industry.

Our very own Delta H lab is able to provide in a single structure all the tools necessary to develop and characterize materials and components subject to hydrogen environment with pressure up to 1000 bar. Read this article to find out more about Delta H testing and characterization appliances.

Thanks to more than 5 decades of experience on steel production and our know-how on steel metallurgy, we're able to quickly support process engineering teams in the development of new products and to improve the performances of your processes and the quality of your steel. We provide customized and/or self-made advanced modelling tools in any production phase, from melting to coating.

In the last decades, more than 50 steel companies worldwide have decided to rely on our competences, obtaining valuable results which positively impacted their business in the steel sector.

The study of material and components performance is one of the key points to manage companies' assets efficiently and profitably. As an example, the proper materials selection for new constructions can give a competitive advantage in terms of purchase costs and optimization of maintenance operations.

We have the technical competence to carry out tests, at small scale and full scale level, even in harsh environment and complex load configurations, to evaluate materials and components in real operating scenarios.

Sustainability is increasingly becoming an integral part of many companies' strategies to remain competitive and increase their reputation. In this respect, communication tools like environmental labels are a fundamental tool for building the proper business identity and avoiding the risk of greenwashing.

This leads to a dual objective: to encourage the use of products that generate the minimum environmental impact and to stimulate the continuous improvement of their environmental performance.

We support companies in developing environmental declaration through:

  • identification of the most suitable methodology for performing the Life Cycle Assessment study
  • development of such LCA study
  • preparation of the documentation necessary for obtaining the certification
  • publication of a short report for marketing & communication purposes.

Information is a key resource of an organisation that deserves effective management. Information is a key resource of an organisation that deserves an effective management. It helps developing foresight about future opportunities and threats, in order to quickly reacting to them.

The Strategic Intelligence is a tailored web-platform that we provide to companies willing to be continuously updated on the main technological, market, regulatory and sustainability trends, technological novelties, their competitive scenario, and on the technology transfer and R&D opportunities relevant for their business for decision-making and guiding their choices.

The LowCarbonFuture project aims to collect, summarize, evaluate and promote research projects and knowledge dealing with CO2 mitigation in iron and steelmaking. As final result, it will generate a roadmap stating needs, requirements and conditions for a new CO2 lean steel production, to guide the EU steel industry towards the world’s climate contract and the EU climate goals (i.e. the ESTEP strategic research agenda).

The project is an example of how raw materials can be applied in R&D projects based on circular economy.


  • Pietro Gimondo, Head of Industry Relations & Financed Projects - RINA

Date and time

  • May 14th, 3.00 PM

We will be presenting the results of many project and courses we're working on:

  • Blueprint for sectoral cooperation on skills: towards an EU strategy addressing the skills needs in the steel sector - European Commission, with the support of a wide international network such as World Steel, Eurofer, ESTEP and Federacciai.
  • Blueprint new skills agenda steel: industry-driven sustainable European Steel Skills Agenda and Strategy (ESSA) - Erasmus project
  • Eurosteelmaster and Steelmaster, training courses we provide every year to the people employed in the steel sector.


  • Pietro Gimondo, Head of Industry Relations & Financed Projects - RINA

Date and time

  • May 16th, 3.00 PM