A project to stimulate and promote greater utilization of renewable heating and cooling using shallow geothermal GSHP systems

Business Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Industry Start date: 1/5/2015
End date: 30/04/2019
Solintel M&P SL H2020 – Horizon 2020
Call H2020-LCE-2014-2



The Drilling technology that is currently used for installation of vertical borehole heat exchangers requires capital-intensive equipment that is expensive to mobilize, leads to deteriorated working conditions and requires experienced teams of specialist operatives. Moreover, drilling operations also often require significant quantities of drinking quality water and dispose of dirty water and mud.

GEOTeCH has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 656889 in order to employ a different and innovative drilling concept.

In particular, GEOTeCH consortium will develop not only innovate drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies but also system solutions that make the best use of hybrid heat pump and control technologies so that efficient replicable “plug and play” whole systems can be offered to the housing and small building market sectors.


In the framework of GEOTeCH, RINA is in charge of the development of the market analysis, investigating actual market requirements and carrying out a detailed analysis of potentially competing systems and technologies. The results of the study will draw some recommendations for future developments, to overcome the existing barriers and to enable market penetration of the system.

We will also develop appropriate business models that will allow a wide deployment of the proposed approach and the related technological solutions within the identified market segments, enhancing their replication potential. At the end of the project, all findings relevant for the commercial exploitation and market deployment of the developed technological solutions will be consolidated in business plans taking into account the main exploitable project results.

Moreover, we are responsible for the assessment of the Intellectual Property Rights Management and for the dissemination and communication strategy of the project.


In conclusion, GEOTeCH project will stimulate and promote greater utilization of renewable heating and cooling using shallow geothermal GSHP systems through advancement of innovative drilling and ground heat exchanger technologies that are significantly more cost-effective and affordable.

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Project Consortium

1 Solintel M&P SL2 Geothex B.V.3 De Montfort University 4 Università degli Studi di Padova 5 Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna 6 Hiref SpA 7 Armengol & Ros Consultors | Associats 8 Stuwa Konrad Stukerjurgen Gmbh 9 RINA Consulting S.p.A. 10 Universitat Politecnica de Valencia 11 Katholieke Universiteit Leuven 12 University of Leeds 13 Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation 14 Comsa Instalaciones Y Sistemas Industriales SA 15 Conrad Stanen BV 16 Groenholland Geo Energiesystemen BV.

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