Fire detection sensor certification to SIL II

SIL II certification issued for its fire detection sensors to Microdata Due, after a one-year qualification process


Start date: 2017


Microdata Due is a niche company operating internationally in the sector of safety systems for military vessels and cruise ships.
SIL is the abbreviation for Safety Integrity Level, a quantitative and certified measure of performance of the level of integrity of the safety functions of electrical, electronic, programmable electronic safety-related systems (or parts) and is defined in European standard EN IEC 61508, specifically implementing the “functional safety of electrical/electronic/programmable electronic safety-related systems (E/E(EP)”.


In order to obtain SIL II certification a product needs to guarantee a failure rate of less than 1%.
The fire detection system was certified after a careful examination of the design methods, a study of the failure conditions of the single parts and the corresponding impact on the safety function of the item. The data computed through this method were validated by the feedback from the Microdata Due-constructed and installed systems, mainly in the sector of large cruise ships.
It is important to stress that SIL II certification was obtained using the “Proven in use” method so it was based on the high degree of reliability and low failure rate of the systems currently installed on-board. The result of this activity was formalised with the issue of the Certificate of Conformity to the “Proven in Use” requirements under Standard CEI EN 61508:2011, part 2.


On 10 April 2017, RINA officially issued SIL II certification for its fire detection sensors to Microdata Due after a one-year qualification process involving close cooperation between the two companies.
This is an important achievement for RINA, resulting from the cooperation between the Energy and Transport departments as “Competence Centres” of the company's in-house SIL certification method.