Med-Atlantic Ecobonus: intermodal freight transportation and incentive Scheme

Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Start date: July 2015 
End date: November 2018
Puertos del Estado Connecting Europe Facility TRANSPORT 
European Commission 
Innovation and Networks Executive Agency (INEA)


The overall objective of this Action is to contribute to the further policy development of the MoS.
The specific objective of this Action is to design a new effective and sustainable incentive Scheme (ECOBONUS) which aims to support intermodal freight transportation via the increase of demand for MoS and is aligned with the framework and new priorities of the TENT-T policy.


We explore the creation of an IT tool for (automatized) management of the ECOBONUS scheme.
The design of the IT services should in particular be connected to exiting Port Community Systems, National Single Windows and the future European Single Window development promoted by Directive 2010/65/EU.


  • Development of a detailed ECOBONUS Scheme design, addressing all necessary aspects such as: financing, scope, operation, technical, technological and innovation aspects, along with regulation and legal framework issues;
  • Achieving consensus in the scope, the operation of the Scheme and its financial terms among the participating Member States, DG MOVE, DG COM and the market stakeholders;
  • Analysis and impact assessment of the Scheme, in the framework of current transport and sustainability policies in Europe. Risk analysis, expected impacts, expected effectiveness, potential distortion of competition, either in maritime transport either with other modes, especially with energy and eco efficient modes like railways, and comparison with alternative schemes.

Alessandro Maccari