Large scale demonstration for the bio-based bulk chemicals BDO and IA aiming at cost reduction and improved sustainability

Business Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Start date: January 2014 
End date: December 2017
Call: KBBE-2013-7-single-stage



The overall objective of Bio-QED project is to describe how promising research results for two important bio-based chemical building blocks, 1,4 butanedol and itaconic acid, will be guided through the notorious “Innovation Valley of Death” to the level of large scale industrial demonstrations.


RINA will contribute to the development of specific standards and certification schemes that can aid in boosting market uptake of the developed new bio-based products.
BIO-QED receives funding from the European Community's Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No FP7-613941.


The Bio-QED consortium wants to support the Bioeconomy Strategy by taking a frontrunner position
guiding promising research results for these two demonstrations, which have a number of synergetic effects. 
BIO-QED want to prove that:

  • industrial White Biotechnology has reached the status that important bio-based building blocks can be made on a scale and with a level of robustness and reliability that it is ready to be implemented in industry
  • the costs and efficiency of industrial biotechnology processes can still be reduced significantly by implementing novel concepts like continuous fermentation and highly selective and energy efficient technologies for separation and purification
  • Bio-QED will improve the sustainability profile of industrial biotechnology processes processes and promote the efficient use of resources switching from 1st to 2nd generation feedstock.

Project Consortium

1 Novamont S.p.a, Italy 2 Lubrizol Advanced Materials Manufacturing Spain SL, Spain 3 Thyssenkrupp Uhde GMBH, Germany 4 Mater-Biotech S.p.a, Italy 5 Cargill Haubourdin SAS, France 6 Mi-Plast Doo Za Proizvodnju Trgovinu I Pruzanje Usluga - Mi Plast LLC Manufacturing, Trading and Services, Croatia 7 Nederlandse Organisatie Voor Toegepast Naturweetenschappelijk Onderzoek - TNO, Netherlands 8 Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V, Germany 9 Patentopolis BV, Netherlands 10 RINA Services S.p.a., Italy 11 Nova-Institut fur politische und okologische innovation GMBH, Germany

Alessandro Maccari