E-maritime services: advanced national networks for administrations

Business Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Marine Start date: January 2012
End date: December 2015
Kingdom of the Netherlands Trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T)


The AnNa project is an EU Member States’ driven initiative in line with the EC Directive 2010/65/EU to support the effective and sustainable development of national Maritime Single Windows (MSW), a network that serves as the single entry point of administrative documents, at national level, for all ships calling/departing from ports. This helps fulfil the reporting formalities as per international obligations and national legislation. In particular, AnNa fosters a harmonized approach that:

  • facilitates administration and reduce red tape for users (businesses); 
  • parses IT languages;
  • exchanges data between national MSW networks.


We participated to the project as Implementing Body of the Italian Ministry of Transport and Infrastructures in the following activities:

  • developing the framework Master Plan outlining the short- and medium- term actions required to ensure a harmonised implementation of the national Maritime Single Window solutions
  • developing pilots, including the definition, implementation and coordination thereof, in support of the Master Plan in order to test and evaluate the guiding principles
  • developing a framework Master Plan “Extended Collaboration” (post-2015) to include the identification of (different) approaches of the participating countries towards further expansion of the Maritime Single Window concept with respect to other transport modes, trade facilities and logistics sector
  • undertaking an Advanced Security Study to identify technical security and organizational aspects - to be addressed in the implementation of the MSWs - and identify possible counter-measures to mitigate the related risks
  • providing a Compliance Check tool to help the authorities assess their level of compliance with the policy and procedure recommendations set out by the above study


AnNA’s major achievements contributed to develop and build the long-term transport policy initiatives such as the EU Digital Single Market and the IMO’s electronic reporting. The latter will come into force worldwide in 2019. 
In particular, we released the following deliverables:

  • IT Security Recommendations: proposed set of security requirements on how to configure and manage the IT systems hosting the MSWs at National level in order to ensure the minimum level of security required and expected for such a system. 
  • Business Continuity Plan: instructions to efficiently define procedures and measures in order to recover critical functions and systems in the event of a disruption or a disaster.
  • Information Classification Guide: recommendations to support the definition of information classification and handling policies to be adopted by users of the national MSW.
  • Information Security Management System Guidelines: practical guidelines to support the establishment and maintenance of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) related to the establishment and operability of their MSW.
  • Information Security Training Guidelines: training recommendations to help build an effective Information Technology Security Awareness and Training Program to ensure that involved users understand their roles and responsibilities and are adequately trained to perform them by guaranteeing the protection of the system and any sensitive information managed.
  • Compliance Check tool: specific tool to allow authorities to track developments and actions, in order to improve the system hosting the National MSW and/or the organization security.

Thanks to the experience with ANNA, the Italian Administration is approaching with confidence the challenges posed by Italian transport policy priorities.

Project Consortium

1 Kingdom of the Netherlands, the coordinator 2 United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland 3 Kingdom of Belgium 4 Republic of Bulgaria 5 Kingdom of Sweden 6 Puertos del Estado (Spain Ministry of Public Works and Transport) 7 Hellenic Republic 8 Instituto Portuário e dos Transportes Marítimos, I.P. (IPTM) 9 Republic of Latvia 10 French Republic 11 Italian Republic 12 Ministry of Infrastructure and Spatial Planning, Slovenian Maritime Administration 13 Romanian Naval Authority 14 Cyprus Ports Authority

Alessandro Maccari