Architecture-driven, multi-concern and seamless assurance and certification of cyber-physical systems

Business Time Project Coordinator Funding Scheme
Transport & Infrastructure
Start date: April 2016
End date: March 2019
Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation H2020-ECSEL-2015-1
Topic: ECSEL-07-2015



AMASS will create and consolidate a de-facto European-wide assurance and certification open tool platform, ecosystem and self-sustainable community spanning the largest CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems)  vertical markets.


RINA will contribute with its experience in assessment of safety and compliance to various European standards in the railway domain and in other sectors.
The application of the methods and the tools that are going to be created in the project to the System Requirements Specification of ERTMS/ETCS, UNISIG SUBSET-026, as an example that could show the implementation in the railway ERTMS/ETCS domain of the architecture-driven approach developed in AMASS.


The overall goals of AMASS, to improve the current situation in CPS design technologies, are:
G1: to demonstrate a potential gain for design efficiency of complex CPS by reducing their assurance and certification/qualification effort by 50%.
G2: to demonstrate a potential reuse of assurance results (qualified or certified before), leading to 40% of cost reductions for component/product (re)certification/qualification activities.
G3: to demonstrate a potential raise of technology innovation led by 35% reduction of assurance and certification/qualification risks of new CPS products.
G4: to demonstrate a potential sustainable impact in CPS industry by increasing the harmonization and interoperability of assurance and certification/qualification tool technologies by 60%.

Project Consortium

1 Fundacion Tecnalia Research & Innovation Spain Honeywell International SRO Czech Republic 3 Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Oesterreich Austria 4 Kpit Medini Technologies AG Germany 5 Maelardalens Hoegskola Sweden 6 Eclipse Foundation Europe GMBH Germany Infineon Technologies AG Germany AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH Austria Fondazione Bruno Kessler Italy 10 Intecs SPA Italy 11 Berner&Mattner Systemtechnik GmbH Germany 12 GMV Aerospace and defence SA Unipersonal Spain 13 RINA Services SPA Italy 14Thales Alenia Space Espana SA Spain 15Universidad Carlos III de Madrid Spain 16 Rapita Systems Limited United Kingdom 17 Centro de innovacion y soluciones empresariales y tecnologicas SL Spain 18 Safety Integrity AB Sweden 19 Masarykova univerzita Czech Republic 20 Kompetenzzentrum - Das Virtuelle Fahrzeug, Forschungsgesellschaft mbH Austria 21 Impronova AB Sweden 22 Commissariat a l'energie atomique et aux energies alternative France 23 Clearsy SAS France 24 Alten Sverige Aktiebolag Sweden 25 Lange Research Aircraft GMBH Germany 26 Thales Italia spa Italy 27 SP Sveriges Tekniska Forskningsinstitut AB Sweden 28 Comentor AB Sweden 29 Alliance pour les technologies de l'informatique France

Alessandro Maccari