Sustainability of biomass or biomass-based products

ISCC PLUS certification is a formal statement of reduction of greenhouse gas and resource consumption, which is obtained through the control of the sustainability, traceability and mass balance of the entire system.
It provides added value, demonstrating the sustainability of the organisation’s products that you certify.

Service Details

ISCC Plus certification is based on the values of sustainability and traceability.
In addition to these requirements, the applicant may choose a set of additional voluntary requirements, the so-called “Add-ons” (Biodiversity Action Plan, Classified Chemicals, Consumables of a Production Process etc.)

Certification Procedure

ISCC PLUS certification can be either individual or group (in the case, for example, of homogeneous groups of agricultural producers). All subjects in the supply chain must be certified.
Subjects carrying out transport are not subject to certification.
The certificate is valid for one year.


RINA has an agreement with ISCC for International Sustainability & Carbon Certification.


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