Introduction to Passenger Yacht Code | Online (live) marine training

Get basic knowledge on passenger yachts carry up to 36 pax requirements

Introduction to Passenger Yacht Code maritime training course

Follow the introductory course of the Passenger Yacht Code for pleasure yachts of any size which carries more than 12 but not more than 36 passengers on international voyages.

You will acquire the essential technical, safety and operational knowledge appropriate for the operation of vessels expected to comply with this Code.

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Duration: 1 day - 6 hours overall

Price: EUR 300,00 (plus VAT) per attendee.

To provide basic knowledge on passenger yachts carry up to 36 pax requirements.

Main technical differences between passenger yachts and passenger ships or large yachts:

- Damage stability

- Structural fire protection.

Specific flag administration requirements (on request):

- RedEnsign Group

- Means of escape

- Evacuation analysis and booking planner software

- Material for fire protection and relevant certification

- Life saving appliances

- Load Line Convention

- Enhanced survivability.

- Shore personnel of maritime companies managing yachts

- Masters and officers of yachts

-Naval Architect & Marine Engineers.