UNI 10854 hygiene certification

The HACCP certification promotes the integration of self-control systems for hygiene and sanitation with the ISO 9001 quality certification standard.
The service offers organisations reliable control over production processes, also in compliance with the latest national and EU regulations.

Service Details

UNI 10854 requires the food market organisations to control the hygiene of foodstuffs so as to prevent any risk of impairment of quality, characteristics and hygiene.
The organisation implementing a HACCP self-monitoring plan improves its image on the market by announcing its commitment to the management and prevention of health hazards.
The certification, provided by a third-party body, identifies critical points of the production process and defines criteria for preventing, reducing or eliminating potential risks.

Certification Procedure


RINA is a reliable partner that accompanies customers at all stages of the production process, providing the benefit of its long-running experience in servicing the agri-food sector.
The international expertise and extensive reach of our network make us a top-tier partner for access to the most important European markets, where HACCP certification is an essential criterion in the selection of suppliers.



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