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Electrical plant inspection

Periodic checks of electrical equipment grounding devices

Checks on electrical systems, in accordance with Italian Legislative Decree No. 462/01, guaranteeing the health and safety of employees at work, and constant monitoring of the efficiency of plants, equipment, and protection systems.

Legal Framework

The verification of the grounding devices of the electrical systems is a legal obligation on the part of the employer (as is confirmed by Article 86 of Italian Legislative Decree No. 81/08), who has to rely on the services of a Body authorised by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development or ASL/ARPA.

Audit Procedure

The employer must make available to the inspector at least one experienced person (depending on the complexity of the plant) who knows how to guide and assist in a place with potential risks.

Frequency of interventions:

The criteria for calculating the frequency are:


RINA is authorised by the Italian Ministry of Economic Development to inspect electrical installations, with a decree published in Official Gazette No. 144 of 21/06/2002 and renewed in Official Gazette No. 151 of 30/06/2012.

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