Digital Twin

A unique model that contains all the info on asset's components and processes

A digital twin is the virtual replica of an asset, e.g. a ship, a vehicle, an industrial plant or consumer product, etc. It consists of a unique interface that merges both technical and management information on the components and processes that compose asset.

Thanks to the digital twin, any entity or physical system, product or process can be represented in a simulated way. Digital twins can be built both for an existing asset, through laser scanning techniques, or for new buildings, through design data and models (e.g. a BIM) that develop intelligent 3D models.

Digital twin


The main goal of a digital twin is to respond immediately to external changes to:

What information can a digital twin provide?

As said, a digital twin condenses in one intelligent 3D model both technical and management information. For example, it allows to know:

Digital twin example