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Clemente Fuggini

Clemente Fuggini
Manager of Security and Resilience of Critical Infrastructures R&D Opportunities, RINA

"What I prefer of my job is when I see research results translated into tangible business outputs. It is in that precise moment that I feel proud to have been helpful in improving our Knowledge and in innovating our Services, contributing to sustainable growth for the Company"

Security, Infrastructure Protection and Climate Change Adaptation

Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of natural and man-made hazards

Resilience to natural and man-made events has become an imperative for our society. Recent events have reinforced this need, that cannot be neglected neither postponed. The costs associated to the recovery from disruptions caused by both natural and man-made events are huge as well as the complexities we have to cope with.

To tackle emerging risks and challenges, RINA is strengthening its capabilities in the prevention, detection, response and mitigation of natural and mad-made hazards, covering all aspects across a resilience perspective (robustness, redundancy, resourcefulness, rapidity).

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