Sensory analysis

Qualitative and quantitative tests for the evaluation of products

Sensory analysis identifies and objectively describes the sensory properties of a product using a suitably trained consumer club (panel) in order to predict consumer acceptance and assess the “sustainability” of production choices, as well as to communicate product quality.


All tests are carried out with reference to ISO, AFNOR and the “Sensory Evaluation - Guide of Good Practice of ACTIA”.
The availability of statistical software and a team of specialised technicians also allow the most appropriate statistical treatment according to the test objectives. In particular:

Service Details

At the sensory laboratories in Tortona and Naples, we carry out a wide range of qualitative and quantitative tests for the evaluation of the products, whether existing or under development:

We also offer consumer tests for Food, Non-Food, and Pet Food in the form of home-tests.
As a complement to the tests, the service also offers market research to provide important inputs for the development, definition or restyling of a product, packaging form or concept.
The analysis of trends and needs is made through dedicated tools such as:


Our laboratory is structured to ensure the best conditions of standardisation, that is, absolute compliance with the product preparation guidelines.
We use innovative skills and software to perform the most advanced statistical treatment of data in accordance with the Customer’s objectives
We also offer the possibility of conducting international tests in the European market, through partnerships with research institutes, marketing companies and specialists in sensory analysis.

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