Risk analysis of aeraulic plants

Technical assistance services for the hygiene of air treatment plants

We offer analyses of microbiological quality of the working environment in which the air duct system is operating.
Through on-site inspections and close collaboration with plant maintenance managers, our team evaluates the possible risks associated with bacterial contamination by studying sampling plans suitable for plant monitoring.
The service is aimed at companies with large premises, Hotels, SPAs, Supermarkets, Apartment Buildings, Amusement Parks, Shipowners and Cruise Companies, Airports, Cinemas, Museums and any premises where air/water facilities are present.

The Setting

Air conditioning systems may become, in the case of poor or inadequate maintenance, a source of diffusion of potentially pathogenic microorganisms that find ideal conditions there for their development.
Proper maintenance, cleaning and sanitation of the systems are essential conditions to ensure a healthy work environment and a comfortable microclimate.

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