Legionella risk assessment

Technical assistance on environmental samples

The service is divided into two separate activities:

The service is aimed at tourist accommodation and all activities at risk for the presence of facilities that involve moderate water heating and misting (showers, aerosols, hydromassage, large air-conditioning systems, saunas, swimming pools, etc.)

Legal Framework

The Legionella Risk Assessment Document is primarily a legal obligation under the Italian Legislative Decree. 81/08.
The reference guidelines are:

Audit Procedure

A complete risk assessment should start from the analysis of an up-to-date diagram (if available) of the plant in order to identify the critical points.
Structure inspection must be accurate in order to be able to highlight any sources of risk and evaluate the entire plant.
Therefore, first the management must assess the use of the various sections or parts of the structure, in the search for dead arms or any areas subject to water stagnation or intermittent discharge.


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