The Blue Growth Farm Project

Empowering Offshore Aquaculture

Fabrizio Lagasco

Fabrizio Lagasco
Project Manager, RINA

"I am every day surprised about how many so important humanity problems we can face and bring value to whilst working in the R&D group that I joined in 2016"

Maritime and blue economy

Safeguarding the future prosperity of the marine environment

Sea Economy is essential to the future welfare and prosperity of humankind. It is the main source of food, energy, minerals, health, leisure and transport upon which hundreds of millions of people depend. However, the maritime industry landscape is poised to undergo a profound transition. Long considered the traditional domain of shipping, fishing and - since the 1960s - offshore oil and gas, new activities are emerging that are reshaping and diversifying maritime industries. Realizing the full potential of the sea economy will demand responsible sustainable approaches to its economic development.

Case study

The Blue Growth Farm

An innovative multi-functional platform design for open sea farm installations of the Blue Growth Industry

The blue growth farm
Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Bio-based Industry

Sustainable Transportation

Sustainable Transportation, Mobility and Logistics

Smart City

Smart Energy Grids and Systems

Wind Energy

Sustainability, Energy Efficiency and Low-Carbon Energy