Blockchain Smart Contract Verify

The first validation service for smart contracts offered by a third-party certification company


Blockchain Smart Contract Verify is the first validation service for smart contracts offered by a third-party certification company. The objective is to ensure that the trust already placed in the traditional contract remains unchanged in the transition to smart contract, or while transposing the contract into software code. The verification is applicable to Ethereum blockchain and protects all parties involved, both those who contribute to it and those who make use of it.

Smart contract is a software program that stores the conditions of a contract and, whenever they occur, will automatically execute certain actions or transactions.

In the absence of any human intervention, which would guarantee the interpretative contribution in traditional contracts, smart contracts must be drawn up considering all the possible scenarios that may arise. This is to ensure clarity, impartiality and certainty of judgment, thus shifting responsibility to those who write the code.

This shift of trust from the legal to the software development field can be attested by a third party company, through the verification of the smart contract.

Blockchain and smart contract: the scenario

By implementing smart contracts, the blockchain answers the numerous needs of the digital era, starting with the creation of unique digital assets. Its own principles of decentralization, transparency and security help create a new concept of trust, where nobody takes priority and the decision-making process goes through a rigorous process of consensus building.

These features, combined with the management of encrypted transactions on a peer-to-peer decentralised network, allow a new and more advanced form of value creation and exchange.

Smart contract validation: the delivery process


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