Behavior Based Safety

Conformity certification with the BBS process

Behavior-Based Safety (B-BS) certification is an innovative service in the field of health and safety at workplaces, which guarantees:

The measurement of behaviours and injury rates enables an objective and unambiguous demonstration of the improvements introduced by the company.

Regulatory Focus

Approved by CCBS (Cambridge Center for Behavioral Studies - Massachusetts) and AARBA (Association for the Advancement of Radical Behavior Analysis - Italy), the B-BS process develops and maintains in all workers certain safety-related behaviours and values, by directly acting on the behaviour of individuals. The process ensures an objective reduction in injury rates through the strict application of Behavior Analysis principles and paradigms.
The B-BS process is perfectly integrated with the most common safety standards such as ISO 45001, complementing the latter with additional safety-related behaviours.

Certification Procedure

From the earliest stages (document analysis and preliminary assessment), our team issues instructions for adapting the process under review (if necessary) to help you reach compliance with the required parameters before obtaining the final certification.


RINA is the first company to issue the B-BS scheme certification, and a long-running active collaborator with AARBA, the B-BS scientific body, in drafting the Standard.
We are currently the only company able to certify not only formal compliance, but also the substantive process compliance in terms of:


What is the B-BS Applicant status?
It is a document that can be displayed and used as a regular certificate; it is issued in the first year of observations and demonstrates the adoption and implementation of the B-BS process, even before it has been proven effective. Each is valid for one year and cannot be renewed.

How is the B-BS certification seen by trade unions?
In all the accomplishments achieved over the last 10 years in Italy, the unions have actively participated alongside management and workers, contributing to the implementation and certification.


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