WMM' 22 Speakers

Join the 10th International Conference on Magnetism and Metallurgy

The WMM’22 is planned to start at 9:30 AM of June 13th, 2022 and to close at 4:00 PM of Wednesday, June 15th 2022.

Discover the list of speakers and exhibitors.

Name Affiliation  Lecture State
 Prof. Bevis Hutchinson Swerim Kista Higher strength NGO steels for application in motors Sweden
 Prof Anthony Moses Emeritus Professor, Cardiff University Influence of grain structure on the accuracy of computational electromagnetics in electrical machine core loss predictions UK
Prof. Li Guangqiang Wuhan University Research progress on inclusions and precipitates control of grain-oriented silicon steel China 
Mr. Stefan Siebert  Brockhaus Measurements Continuous monitoring of local variations in magnetic properties across the material width and length of electrical steel coils Germany
Dr Mario Villalon
Eurotranciatura Mexico (Euro Group) Comparative analysis between Glue bonding, conventional fastenings and post-annealing effect in electric motor core loss and acoustic noise Mexico
Dr. Giuseppe Carlo Abbruzzese

Spires srl,

partner of RINA
New metallurgical models to predict GOES magnetic properties and to design new product grades and production technologies Italy
Prof. Marco Villani  University of L’Aquila Topology optimization of Synchronous Reluctance motor for electric vehicles with different NGO electrical steels Italy
Dr. Liu Xian Dong BAOSTEEL Europe R&D Center Technical progresses at Baowu Steel in the comprehension of metallurgical and microstructure control during manufacturing of NGO China
Dr. Mircea Popescu Motor Design Limited, UK Tooling effects on electrical steels: correlation between simulated and experimental results in inverter fed induction motors UK
Dr. Sigrid Jacobs Arcelor Mittal global R&D Next generation ferromagnetic materials for reduced critical rare earth electrical traction machine topologies Belgium
 Prof. Luca Ferraris Politecnico di Torino   New developments in soft magnetic materials alternative to Fe-Si alloys and their magnetic characterization techniques  Italy
 Dr. Jun Liu University of Cardiff   Finite Element Modelling of the Magnetic Property Behaviours of Electrical Steels in Complex Electromagnetic Fields Considering Their Crystallographic Textures  UK
 Dr. Erik Hilinski  Temple Steel Company Considerations for xEV Motor Core Production from a Lamination Stamper  USA 
 Prof. Antonino Di Gerlando  Politecnico di Milano  Effect of B(H) curve extrapolation at high saturation levels on calculation of no-load operating conditions of IPM motors. Italy 
Dr. Mihaela Teodorescu   ThyssenKrupp Electrical Steel Influence of Oxidizing and Nitriding Parameters on Nitrogen Concentration of Fe-3%Si Electrical Steels  Germany 
 Dr. Kenichi Murakami  Nippon Steel & Sumitomo Metal  Recent development of grain-oriented electrical steel sheets and their texture control  Japan
 Prof. Juergen Schneider  Stahlzentrum Freiberg e.V. Evolution of Grain Size and Texture at Final Annealing of Ferritic Non-oriented FeSi Steels   Germany
Dr. Gwynne Johnston  Metals Technology Consulting Inc  Efficiency or Affordability in EV ? Thickness Matters   USA
Prof. Leo Kestens  University of Gent  Texture control in NO electrical steels by advanced processing methods   Belgium
 Dr. Govind Bisht Laboratorio Elettrofisico   An integrated and holistic approach for measurement and validation of electric machine  Italy
Dr. Claudio Vittori
S&P Global Mobility Future outlook for electric motors in passenger vehicle applications and implications on xEV-grade NOES demand Italy
 Dr.-Ing. Christian Wuppermann LOI Thermprocess GmbH  Recrystillization model for final annealing of non-grain oriented silicon   Germany
Dr. Niklas Volbers   VACUUMSCHMELZE GmbH & Co  Basic investigation of magnetic properties of hybrid stacks made from CoFe and SiFe Germany 
 Dr. Nicolas Even  Solaronics Comprehensive study of heating and drying rates after the GO and NGO electrical steel coating  France 
 Mr. Mike Grimmet Ms. Kate Wasem  Big River Steel  It is more than metallurgy - a look to the future of HighFrequency NGO production  USA
 Dr. Seil Lee  POSCO  Improving Magnetic Properties of Non-oriented Electrical Steels by Annealing’   South Korea
 Dr. Stefano Fortunati RINA  On the Grain Size distribution of HGO ES grades Decarburized Strips  Italy 
 Mr. Garrett Angus  Cleeveland-Cliffs  Si-Cr-Al-Mn Alloys for High Specific Resistivity and Application to Grain Oriented and Non-Grain-Oriented Electrical Steels  USA
 Dr. Simone Peli   Castellini Solutions  Lasesr Scribing on Grain Oriented Electrical Steels  Italy