WMM' 22 Poster session

Join the 10th International Conference on Magnetism and Metallurgy

The WMM’22 is planned to start at 9:30 AM of June 13th, 2022 and to close at 4:00 PM of Wednesday, June 15th 2022. 

Discover the poster sessions.

Name Affiliation  Title
 Carolina Cesconetto Silveira Aperam High permeability grain-oriented electrical steel produced by reversiblehot rolling mill
Christoph Dobler University of Linz Novel Concept for Identification and Correction of Asymmetric Hystereses when Characterising SMM
Nikolas Mavrikakis ArcelorMittal  Influence of Si content and microstructure on magnetic ageing in non-oriented electrical steels 
Schneider Juergen
Formerly from Freiberg UniversityStahlzentrum Freiberg e.V. Warm Rolling of Ferritic Nonoriented FeSi Steels
Schneider Gerhard

Aalen University

Additive manufacturing of soft magnetic materials and components
Shirin Nouhi Swerim In-situ study of electrical steels phase transformation in the presence of oxygen
Tuomo Nyyssonen Swerim  Experimental approaches for characterising microstructures and textures of non-grainoriented (NGO) steels
Zaizen Yoshiaki JFE Analysis of IPM motor using newly-developed Sigradient steel (JNRF)
Hsin-Yi Lee China Steel Corporation Complex Effects on Magnetic and Mechanical Properties of Non-oriented Electrical Steel by Cu Precipitates
Andreas Schoppa and Florian Winkler TEPROSA GmbH   Laser cutting of laminations and assembling of magnetic cores using NGO electrical steel with adhesive coating - technological challenges and possibility of optimization
Daniel Wöckinger Johannes Kepler Universität Linz  Evaluation of a Novel Measuring Concept for Estimating the Composition of Materials in Industry
Theisen, Eric Metglas Recent Advances in Amorphous Foils Including Magnetic Domain Refining for Core Loss Reduction
Zhaoyang Cheng  The State Key Laboratory of Refractories and Metallurgy, Wuhan University of Science and Technology  Effect of warm rolling temperature on microstructure and texture evolution of 6.5 wt.% Si non-oriented electrical steel during recrystallization
Anett Stöcker, Ulrich Prahl, Rudolf Kawalla  Bergakademie Freiberg Impact of hot rolling conditions on microstructure, texture, and magnetic properties of ferritic Fe-2.4wt.% Si non-oriented electrical steel