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WMM '22

13 - 15 Jun 2022

Register for the 10th edition of the International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy 

WMM '22RINA, the 10th International Conference Magnetism and Metallurgy WMM’22 will take place from June 13rd to 15th, 2022 in Milan, Italy.

Chairman of the conference is Dr. Stefano Fortunati and Dr. Stefano Cicalè is the Program Manager.

The WMM ‘22 conference, for the first time in collaboration with QUiCKFairs®,  will be an excellent forum for the exchange of ideas on the status and further trends between experts from the industry and research institutes.

The program will include invited lectures and posters.

All the contributions will be published in a book of conference proceeding.

All the participants will receive the book of proceedings at the conference site.

This year, it is possible to attend WMM' 22 on-line!

On-line Live connection to WMM22 Plenary Session (all three days) has been organized to allow participation of who is still inhibited to travel due to Government restrictions.

The cost for the on-line conference attendance is 450 EUR (+VAT, if due)

Leasure visit and Gala dinner at Museo della Scienza e della Tecnica Leonardo da Vinci

During the Evening event Dr. Alexander Krick, Senior Director Technical Development E-Drives, Power Electronics and Transmissions - Volkswagen Group Components, will give a speech on the “Electrification Strategy of Volkswagen Group". 

Discover the program and register!

- Abstract Submission 25.02.2022 

- Application Exhibition 25.02.2022 

- Registration (early bird) 25.02.2022

- Manuscripts Submission 21.03.2022


Please send your abstract by mail to the WMM'22 mail address and to the WMM'22 Secretary Office

To upload your paper, visit the dedicated page. 

- Progresses in Electrical Steels and other Soft Magnetic Materials grades

- Progresses in Fabrication of Electrical Steels and other Soft Magnetic Materials and the equipment for their manufacturing

- FeSi Steels, and other Soft Magnetic Materials: advances in the optimum microstructure development and control along processing route

- Modeling of Microstructure evolution along processing routes of Electrical Steels and other Soft Magnetic Materials

- Microstructure and Magnetic properties relations: advances in understanding and products design

- New coating and surface quality of Electrical Steels in relation to magnetic quality

- Renewable energy: magnetic materials and related technologies

- Advances in Magnetic measurements and characterizations of soft and hard Magnetic Materials

- Fabrication methods of magnetic cores of electric machines - status and further developments

- Performance of Electric Machines: Optimum magnetic materials and Optimum Design

- Electric Mobility applications - Tailoring Material Grades for the different Types of Vehicles

The registration fee includes conference proceeding, refreshments, lunches, welcome dinner on the first day as well as a social program and conference dinner at the second day.

- Conference attendance early bird: 650 EUR (up to 03.01.2022)

- Conference attendance: 750 EUR (after 03.01.2022)

- Exhibitors: 2500 EUR (conference fee + exhibit space)

- Conference attendance for PHD students: 350 EUR

- Gala dinner for Accompanying person: 100 EUR

- On-line Conference attendance**: 450 EUR (+VAT, if due)

For registration you are kindly asked to complete the registration form that can be found in the conference website. 

On-line Live connection to WMM22 Plenary Session (all three days) has been organized to allow participation of who is still inhibited to travel due to Government restrictions.


WMM’22 will include a limited number of exhibits and poster papers. Preference will be given to posters presenting R&D results on materials technologies and/or devices. Authors of posters can present a paper of up to 15 pages that strictly follows the template and guidelines provided in the conference website.

The papers should be uploaded in the conference website and will be submitted to the program manager that will inform applicants on their acceptance. 

POSTER SIZE DIMENSIONS: 0.7m (l) x 1 m (h). Panels to attach the posters will be provided at the conference.

EXHIBIT SPACE: table 1.20m x 0.80m, two chairs, electric outlet. If there are different needs, possible supplement will be evaluated. Exhibitor roll-up or banner are well accepted