Certification Digital Partner Network

Find out all the organizations which joined the exclusive RINA network

Find out all the organizations which joined the exclusive RINA network dedicated to digital solution providers and to those who provide digital solutions in order to increase the value of their offer and to integrate their digital solutions with RINA digital assurance services. 


Our partners


3a Green Planet

water footprint and agrifood

3a was born in 1997 and its solutions focus on agro-weather monitoring, DSS (Decision supporting systems) and digitalization of agriculture and agro-industry (Industry 4.0) concerning sustainability and food safety.

Abaco group


agrifood and carbon footprint

ABACO Group supports primary sector players facing the challenges of digital transformation, from precision agriculture to environmental sustainability, through data processing and valorization.

Agricolus logo



Agricolus is a company which develops solutions for the digital agriculture. Born in Perugia - green heart of Italy – it supports with its own platform, the agri-food supply chain to achieve the innovation and sustainability goals.


Green Future Project

carbon reduction

The Green Future Project platform connects companies to the best climate solutions worldwide: it allows to invest in decarbonisation projects, track their impact in real-time, and communicate it with transparency and credibility to their stakeholders. 

Image Line

Image Line

SQPNI and agrifood

Image Line® is an innovative company which creates and make digital solutions for agriculture since 1988, by creating and updating databases to support the technical management, field tracking and legal obligations.

Trusty logo


agrifood and blockchain data verification

Trusty is a complete platform for transparent and accountable traceability, which simplifies data collection and system integration, ensuring information sharing with all stakeholders in the supply chain.

X Farm Technologies

xFarm Tecnologies

product carbon footprint and agrifood

xFarm Technologies is a tech company which aims to the digitalization of the agri-food sector, providing innovative tools which can support agricultural entrepreneurs and stakeholders in managing their companies. 

EZ lab

EZ Lab S.r.l.

blockhain data verification

EZ Lab S.r.l. is the company specialized in advanced digital solutions for supply chain traceability. Data recorded with blockchain technology is unalterable and guarantees security and transparency to enhance quality and sustainability of production.

Recuperiamo srl

Recuperiamo S.r.l.

Blockchain data verification and ESG

Recuperiamo Srl is a Benefit Company that proposes concrete solutions for companies, institutions and non-profit organisations to prevent and reduce waste, generating a positive impact on territories, environment and communities. 



Agrifood and Blockchain data verification

Authentico is a complete cloud-based platform for supply chain traceability with blockchain technology, integrable, flexible and sustainable, connecting all participants through verifiable digital transactions in full transparency, EBSI compliant.