Become RINA Certification Digital Partner

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Applying is really easy:

For all the certification activities carried out inside the program Certification Digital Partner, independently form the fact that these activities are carried out under accreditation or not, RINA guarantees the compliance with requirements of the reference applicable norm, and the impartiality as a third-party independent body.

Once you become a Certification Digital Partner, RINA will send to you the badge you see in the picture, which you can apply to your website.

Our experts answer to the most frequently questions

To become partner you must:

- Be a company which provides ICT services
- Share with us the characteristics of your services, and with which RINA certification service you would like to integrate
- Give us the necessary warranties in terms of cyber-security and data protection
- Make available API to sending and receiving data with RINA digital services 

RINA will make an examination of the documentation sent, to evaluate in particular the adequacy of technological infrastructures and their characteristics, service catalogue typology, and security measures adopted.

The preliminary audit is carried out at the partner site or, when possible, online, with the aim of verifying what the requester declared. By the end of the audit the Partner will receive an evaluation report, reporting potential non conformities to correct to become a partner.

The inclusion in the partnership program is totally free and the activities useful for the qualification are in charge of RINA.

The partner must act according to a regulation that you will receive before signing the agreement.