Our brand


RINA. Excellence Behind Excellence.

The future is always challenging and there is only one way to keep up with the changing world: transformation.

We are ready to face new challenges and to adapt to new contexts. For this reason, we decided to be an excellence behind excellence, a trustworthy and outstanding partner that works behind the scenes in order to turn ideas into success.

Excellence is not unique, but there are different ways of being excellent today. Our strongest motivation is therefore to create different excellences in different sectors, but all decisive and fundamental.

We want to make big things happen and this is why, after more than 150 years, we transformed our identity to be ready for the future. But we did not forget our past: we still believe in our experience, in our definitions and in the work of our team. 

Our new logo perfectly represents our identity as it combines past and future: RINA’s historical tradition of excellence leads the way to innovation and future excellence. The stylized arrow on the left represents our past, while the stylized arrow on the right represents our future, both combined to create excellence .