Higg FEM and FSLM assessments

As an approved SLCP and Higg FEM verifier body, we support our clients in developing a sustainable textile industry

Higg FEM and FSLM assessments

What is the Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC)? 

Sustainable Apparel Coalition is the apparel, footwear, and textile industry’s leading alliance for sustainable production.  

The SAC represents >250 member organisations in 36 countries and its mission is to transform business for exponential impact through ground-breaking tools, collaborative partnerships, and trusted leadership for industry sustainability.

What are the Higg Index tools?

We cannot manage what we cannot measure. 

To ensure sustainable production in the textile industry, it must be possible to track all elements of a product from the materials used, chemicals added, production practices, product use and end of life, as well as the social and environmental conditions under which it was made. 

This is why the SAC developed the Higg Index, a standardised suite of tools for all industry participants to assess social and environmental value chain performance.  

The Higg Index measures environmental (energy/greenhouse gas emissions, water, wastewater/effluent, air emissions, waste, and chemicals management) and social impacts across the lifecycle of an apparel or footwear product, as well as identifying areas for improvement.  

All the advantages of Higg Fem and FSLM assessments

To develop a sustainable textile industry and to support the mission and vision of SAC, we suggest you use the Higg Facility Environmental Module and Higg Facility Social & Labor Module.  

By completing the assessments, you will be able to: 

Why RINA? 

We are proud to have been a designated member of the Sustainable Apparel Coalition since 2020 and an approved SLCP and Higg FEM verifier body.  

Moreover, we achieved Foundation Plus level for the Sustainable Apparel Coalition Membership Requirements in 2021

As an approved verifier body of the SAC’s Higg Index, our verifiers have completed the required training and possess all the technical and social skills needed for the verification. 

We are constantly looking beyond the horizon and we strive to deliver solutions that improve the qualitative standards of our markets and the wellbeing of society, building sustainable values for future generations.  

We can support your responsible sourcing journey and provide expert advice in the following regions: Romania, India and Turkey.  

We believe that Sustainable Fashion Matters!

The Higg Facility Environmental Module (Higg FEM) informs manufacturers, brands, and retailers about the environmental performance of their individual facilities, empowering them to scale sustainability improvements.

The Higg FEM provides facilities a clear picture of their environmental impacts. It helps them identify and prioritize opportunities for performance improvements.

The Higg FEM assesses:

- Environmental Management Systems

- Energy Use and Greenhouse Gas Emissions

- Water Use

- Wastewater

- Emissions to Air (If Applicable)

- Waste Management

- Chemical Management


The Higg Facility Social & Labor Module (Higg FSLM) promotes safe and fair social and labor conditions for value chain workers all over the world.

Facilities can use the scored assessment to understand hotspots and reduce audit fatigue. Instead of focusing on compliance, they can dedicate time and resources to making lasting systemic changes.

The Higg Facility Social & Labor Module allows facilities to assess conditions for its workers helping insure that are creating safe and fair labor conditions. 

The Social & Labor Convergence Program (SLCP) is implementing a Converged Assessment Framework (CAF) to reduce audit duplication and to free up resources to improve working conditions. The Sustainable Apparel Coalition (SAC) has adopted SLCP’s Converged Assessment Framework as the backbone of the Higg Facility Social Labor Module (FSLM).

The Higg FSLM assesses:

- Recruitment and Hiring 

- Working Hours

- Wages and Benefits

- Employee Treatment

- Employee Involvement

- Health and Safety

- Termination

- Management Systems 

- Empowering People and Communities 

Andreea Baltog Social Compliance Auditor