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Professional Services

Professional services consist of a set of activities with a significant component that is intangible but also has high added value.

These services are provided by professionals with the know-how and expertise to meet specific market needs.

The areas of intervention in this sector range from legal advice to tax advice, from accounting activities to management control, from research and development to energy efficiency studies.

Companies in this market perform a variety of activities, applicable to diverse sectors but linked by some common goals:

  • to support companies in mandatory compliance
  • to give clients a highly professional service
  • to support clients in managing business risk.


At RINA SERVICES​ we work in close contact with our partner organisations - from small businesses to multinationals - in a direction that heads towards innovation and towards development of sustainable, competitive and efficient processes, products and services. 
Our network of professionals develops a multidisciplinary path that meets the wider needs of organisations operating in different markets. 
We offer a wide range of services aimed at improving the management of company processes and at capitalising on the skills of the client.

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