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Social and Sustainable Report Verification

​​The Sustainability Report is a voluntary tool of communication, governance and debate with the reference stakeholders: organisations integrate information from their financial statements, comparing economic results with social impacts, and highlight their capacity of identifying, communicating and adding value to the benchmarks on which corporate sustainability and social accountability are based.

The information it contains must derive from certain and verifiable sources: for this reason it is even more effective if it is verified by an independent third party company that certifies both the final result and the process used to draw it up.


Communication benefits

  • Strengthening of the brand and market positioning
  • improvement in relations with stakeholders
  • reduction in internal and external conflicts.

Benefits of institutional participation and verification

  • Greater involvement of the various internal functions, increasing motivation and improving the company climate
  • measuring the consistency between the company mission and the results achieved.

Programmatic - Management benefits

  • Performance optimisation and value creation
  • inclusion of sustainability-related objectives along with traditional economic-financial targets
  • monitoring of economic, environmental and social performance
  • support to the analysis of problems and improvement areas for strategic decisions.


We offer our independent Sustainability Report auditing service to organisations operating in a wide variety of markets. The intervention of a third-party subject, such as RINA SERVICES, prevents the risk of the document becoming self-referential and helps guarantee the completeness and truthfulness of its contents.


We audit the Sustainability Reports, Social Reports and Socio-Environmental Reports prepared according to GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) guidelines and other standards of national and international relevance.

After auditing, we issue a certificate containing information concerning the consistency and reliability of the contents compared with the declared commitments and the reference standards used.

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