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Mining & Heavy Industry

Businesses in the Mining and Heavy Industry market operate in a complex manufacturing scenario, also due to the high business risk they have to sustain. This context is further complicated by hard to control variables like market volatility and the continuous development of regulations connected to the exploitation of natural resources.

Both heavy industry and the mining sector have to constantly deal with significant challenges, for example:

  • plant and staff safety must always be at the centre of corporate decisions
  • compliance with environmental protection regulations must be guaranteed at each stage of the process
  • technological and production choices must guarantee achievement of economies of scale to optimise investments.


At RINA SERVICES, we offer our third party services as strategic partners for business operators in the sector of mining and heavy industry. Operational improvements in industries and mines are guaranteed by a wide range of laboratory and materials testing, inspections, audits, certification and risk management. We help organisations gain a competitive advantage at every stage of the supply chain: from extraction of raw materials to production, from product marketing to upgrading installations.

Inspection & Site Supervision Certification Testing Training